Circular Socks

Imagining a circular textile economy being a reality in 2040, Circular Socks is a short clip that walks you through the life cycle of a fully circular garment.

Today, less than 1% of material used to produce clothing is recycled into new clothing; socks with their simple knit could easily be at the start of this change. Current recycling is problematic as it is impossible to distinguish the different fibre types when they are twisted together to make a yarn. These mixed fibres cannot be regenerated to become raw material again. By re-engineering knits, one could keep yarn types distinguished. Circular Socks looks towards a recycling process where we could extract the single fibre types so that each fibre value is either upcycled or safely disposed of with no harm to the environment.

The project was initiated on the launch of the report:A new textiles economy: Redesigning fashion’s future . The clip entered the selection round for a 20-second video challenge with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation for the Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2018.


A pair of socks,
From a pair of yarns.
Recycling elastane,
To reuse fibres,
And recycling organic cotton.
Designed to last more steps

…for as long as possible.
Home collection
And improved sorting technologies,
And sort yarns.
Elastane upcycled,
Cotton safely bio-degraded,

Regenerated into new socks.


In collaboration with Nathalie Spencer

In conjunction with the Ellen MacArthur Foundations', New Textiles' Economy.