Mars Post

Humans go to great lengths to send letters to their loved ones.

In the most difficult situations, may it be war or famine, letters found their way through air, water and even carried by animals. With glowing utopian visions for Mars ahead it seems once more reasonable to wonder how our need for personal messages will find their way through the galaxy. Mars Post imagines this scenario and how the postal system would have to adapt to an entirely new context. 

With no trees for paper and limited space to bring items from Earth to Mars, Mars Post playfully rethinks the value and use of an envelope or carrier medium, using NASA and Space X as a model.  Exploring postal materials that could be used for both biodegradable and man-made reusable systems to fit within the mars settlement context.

In contrast to the letter you know from earth, this letter will be made up of a modular system. The details of this system are fully explained in an information video by the ‘Royal Post’ with the help of an AI simulation.









Special thanks to Britt Berden