Elissa Brunato is a material designer and systems thinker. She researches cross-disciplinary into emerging scientific possibilities, circular systems and materials, curious how these can respond to wider ecological systems.

Elissa founded Radiant Matter, a London-based start-up developing a new generation of colour and material solutions for the circular economy. Similar to the brilliant colours seen in nature - think of peacock feathers and jewel beetles - the start-up engineers plant-derived yet sparkling materials that do not rely on dyes, metals, minerals or plastics. Discover more at Radiant Matter

She is the co-founder of AusBlau, a creative design studio and consultancy based in London, leading playful investigations into materiality, ecosystems and the human experience. Discover more at Ausblau

Elissa’s work has been recognised by the LVMH group winning the Green Trail Prize. She became the Arts Foundation Materials Innovation Fellow 2022 and won the Mills Fabric Material Innovation Prize, a residency at the Mill’s Fabrica Innovation lab in Hong Kong, the MullenLowe NOVA Creative Innovation Award, and was a finalist in the Dorothy Waxman International Textile Design Prize, NY. Her works were selected for the Innovation Showcase with Vitra Design Museum's exhibition Plastic: Remaking Our World and are part of 'Material Tales' by the London Design Museum, a 5-year touring exhibition for materials that have defined modern life.

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