Concept Designer - Sustainable Material Explorer - Design Researcher.

In an ever changing world, now so predominantly shaped by humans, Elissa Brunato explores where human demands meet wider ecological systems. She designs along the emergence of new technologies and scientific developments, curious how these may influence the human experience.

Intrigued by material and surface tactility, Elissa Brunato previously worked in Embroidery Design / Production, both for Ready-to-Wear and Haute Couture studios. During this period, projects also took her to work in production sites and artisanal workshops in India, China and Italy, where she gained first-hand experience of the global environmental implications that distantly taken design choices can have. She gained an understanding of how materials travel through disjointed and often fragmented supply chains, and saw how craft practices and local landscapes are affected by industrial pressures.

Such observations drove Elissa to transition her career towards sustainability and allow time to study the material landscape that our future could hold. In 2019, she completed her Masters in Material Futures at Central Saint Martins.

Based in London, experimental material research and interdisciplinary engagement shape Elissa’s practice today.

Amongst other achievements, Elissa’s work has been recognised by the LVMH group winning the Green Trail Prize. She won the Mills Fabric Material Innovation Prize, a residency at the Mill’s Fabrica Innovation lab in Hong Kong, the MullenLowe NOVA Creative Innovation Award, and was a finalist in the Dorothy Waxman International Textile Design Prize, NY.

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A Galerie Handwerk Exhibition, 'Fashion and Nature'
Munich, DE
4 May - 12 June 2021

Romanian Design Week 2021, Rethinking Plastic
Bucharest, RO
4-13 June 2021

GEO:DESIGN Sand, The building Block of Modernity
Van Abbemuseum
Eindhoven, NL
17 October - 15 November 2020

Dutch Design Week
Online, NL
17-25 October 2020

9th Future Fabrics Expo,
Innovation Hub
The Sustainable Angle
London, UK
29-30 January 2020

Depictions Of Living - Art and Activism in time of climate crisis
Art Pavilion, UK
23-28 January 2020

Design Lab
Biofabricate Summit
London, UK
5 December 2019

Global Grad Show
Dubai Design Week
Dubai, AE
12-16 November 2019

United Matters Collective 2019
Dutch Design Week
Eindhoven, NL
19-27 October 2019

Designing in Turbulent Times
LVMH + Maison/0, Lethaby Gallery
London, UK
14 September - 27 October 2019

Talking Textiles
New York Textile Month
Parsons School of Design + Lidewij Edelkoort
New York, US
September 2019

100% Design + Material Driven
London Design Festival
London, UK
14-22 September 2019

The Wood Awards
London Design Festival
London, UK
14-22 September 2019

Material Futures Degree Show
Central Saint Martins
London, UK
18-23 January 2019

Milan re-used: A selection of sustainable projects
Eindhoven, NL
1 May - 15 July 2019

Material Futures
BASE Ventura Futures
Milano, IT
9-14 April 2019

Future Factory
The Design Museum
London, UK
November 2018

Venice Food Design Week, 'Vanitas'
European Cultural Centre
Venice, IT
1-7 February 2018


Green Canvas Podcast
21 June 2021

Fashion Open Studio X Fashion Revolution Week, ‘Bio Design - The Natural + Synthetic Potential’
London, UK
12 April 2021

The Sustainable Products Talk(show): Glass
Dutch Design Week x New Material Award
Eindhoven, NL
25 October 2020

Dezeen x Dutch Design Week, It’s In Our Nature
Dutch Design Foundation
22 October 2020

Design Indaba Conference
Cape Town, SA
27 February - 1 March 2020

Nature by Design
Making Futures Research Group, Plymouth College of Art
Plymouth, UK
2020 March

‘How to Make’, With Zoe Laughlin
2020 April

Allbirds launch and product collaboration
London, UK
2020 March

Everyday Activism
The Design Museum
London, UK
2020 February

KQ LABS Sciences and Design
Crick + LVMH
London, UK
27 November 2019

Design Junction Talks Programme
London Design Festival
London, UK
20 September 2019

The Sustainable Ethical Human
The Immersive Kind collective
London, UK
4 September 2019

Bio Colour: An Introduction to Bio Colour
Open Cell
London, UK
18 July 2019

Material Ethics: Tricky Design: Design Ethics for a Complex World
The Design Museum
London, UK
8 June 2019

There and Back Again
Centre for Circular Design
London, UK
5 March 2019


AFFA 2021 Materials Innovation
Arts Foundation Fellowship Clothworkers’ Company
Finalist, 2020

Sustainable Design of the Year
(Bio Iridescent Sequin)
Shortlisted, 2020

Rising Star Award
Design Week
Winner, 2020

Green Concept Award
(Bio Iridescent Sequin)
Green Product Award
Shortlisted, 2020

Dezeen's top 10 innovative materials of 2019
(Bio Iridescent Sequin)

Student Designer
Wood Awards, UK
Winner, 2019

Dorothy Waxman International Textile Design Prize
Talking Textiles, Li Edelkoort & Philip Fimmano
Finalist, 2019

TTJ Innovation Award, Innovative University Timber Research
(Bio Iridescent Sequin)
Winner, 2019

Creative Review Innovation Award
Winner, 2019

NOVA Award
Runners Up, 2019

The Mills Fabrica Techstyle Prize
The Mills, Hong Kong.
Winner, 2019

Green Trail Prize
Maison/0, CSM-LVMH Incubator of Sustainable Innovation
Winner, 2019

National Student of the Year Encouragement Award
The Textiles Institute, International Fibre Centre Australia
Winner, 2006